What to Bake for Holiday 2010…..

This years baking decisions started right after Christmas 2010. I looked at what was left over, what “sold“well, and what I did not enjoy making. Then I let it sit.

My thoughts turned to Christmas during my summer vacation. While I was struggling to climb the 800 steps to the Monastery in Petra, Jordan when it was +47 Celsius my mind turned towards what the weather will be like this Christmas. This lead to fond memories with family and friends. This then lead to thoughts of my annual Christmas baking list!

Shortbread, Oatmeal-Cherry-Toffee-Chocolate cookies, and Cherry Chews flooded my memory. Then I thought that I needed to shake things up this year.

Suddenly I found I had made it to the top and was standing in front of the Monastery!

The Treasury – Petra Jordan

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